Shea Glaser


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Shea Glaser is a New York based actress, born and raised here in the city. She began her career as a child model, and quickly discovered a passion for performing. She began working professionally in the acting world while in high school, and began training with Sheila Gray. Her first notable appearance was for a Ricky Martin music video, quickly followed by several commercials and a small recurring role on All My Children, before attending The New School as a theater major. Following university, Shea continued her studies at HB Studio along with various workshops that she continues to attend regularly.

Shea’s love for performing is matched only to her passion for travel. Growing up spending her summers visiting her mother’s family in Italy, Shea always knew she wanted to spend her life traveling the world, discovering different cultures. Her original plan was to work as an actress, while using any time in-between filming to travel. Now she’s managed to combine her two worlds as an international travel host! Beginning January 2017, she’ll be traveling across the globe on a very exciting project- stay tuned for it to air, along with an upcoming travel blog!

Aside from her new travel show, Shea continues her work on films, commercials and print- as well as a newfound love for hosting!

When Shea’s not working or getting on a plane, she can most likely be found downing a jar of nutella, playing with other peoples dogs, or watching reruns of Friends.

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